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Horse Trailers For Sale in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland


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Benefits of hiring in a 3.5T wagon...



Why is the ramp situated on offside?

The ramp is situated on the offside so that the handler remains between the horse and the exit whilst the horse is being secured. This reduces the risk of handler becoming trapped in a confined area by a horse. Horse is being lead from its nearside which most horses are more accustomed to, so this gives the horse more confidence when loading.

How does side ramp make loading horse easier and safer?

Low wide ramp provides easier and safer loading as the horse is encouraged into light spacious area. Unloading is easier because horse exits trailer by walking forwards down the wide ramp rather than needing to turn in a tight space or walk backwards.

How does unique design of Equi-Treeck benefit my horse?

A compact, easy to drive horsebox, with a gross maximum weight of 3,500kg. The horse area is completely enclosed to protect horses from traffic and wind noise.

Is the partition adjustable?

The partition is fully adjustable and can be easily altered to accommodate different sized horses and can be perfectly positioned for your horses comfort.

Where can I store my tack?

The Sonic has the added benefit of a tack and changing area that is totally separate from the horses. This incorporates two saddle racks, two bridle racks and two coat hooks. There is also additional storage over the cab.

We have a selection of 6 Equi-Treck Sonic 3.5t horseboxes for long/short term hire.

For more informatiom please contact Katherine - 07765401045


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