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Protecting Your Horse Trailer

Horse Trailers and Horse Boxes UK

Protecting Your Horse Trailer

TrailerSentry is intelligent security for your trailer which can help you outsmart criminals!!

This device detects unauthorised movements, as well as providing out of hours alerts.

When your trailer is stationary, the tracker will update and confirm its position every 12hrs. However, if your trailer is moved more than 250m the tracker will go into adaptive trip tracking mode.

TrailerSentry Dealers UK

When adaptive trip tracking mode is activated, the following will occur:

  1. Start trip at threshold of 250m, record GPS position & upload.

  2. Record GPS position every 2 minutes whilst in trip.

  3. Update collected GPS position every 30 minutes whilst in trip.

  4. End trip after 5 minutes of no movement and upload any remaining data.

The greatest feature of this device is even if there is no phone signal - the tracker will continue to record the trailer's position and upload the information once signal is restored!!

WEST HOUSE TRAILERS are a dealer for TrailerSentry - So get your TrailerSentry fitted today for just £150 !!


Horse Trailers and Horse Boxes UK
West House Trailers are the largest dealer of trailers in the North East of England specialising in the sale and hire of Ifor Williams, Debon and Cheval Liberte Horse Trailers.

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